G Data AntiVirus Free apk for Android

G Data AntiVirus Free apk for Android - We have also improved the device scan, which now checks your SD card as well as directly removes any malware detected.  malware can no longer get onto your device.
Of course we haven't forgotten about our existing customers either. All those who purchased the original G Data MobileSecurity have been offered a free upgrade to the new G Data MobileSecurity 2 via email.

G Data AntiVirus Free apk for Android

G Data AntiVirus Free efficiently protects your smartphone against viruses, spyware, Trojans, backdoors and other malware.
Free virus protection with easy to use authorisation checking: Which apps are allowed to initiate calls, send text messages or access the Internet? Protect your identity and personal, confidential content such as messages, emails or photos against viruses, malware and other spy programs. G Data AntiVirus Free helps you take care of your smartphone, before somebody else does.

-*-]. Anti-virus, anti-Trojan, anti-spyware
-*-]. Periodic virus scanner
-*-]. Checks authorisations for all installed apps
-*-]. Updating via Android software updates
-*-]. On-demand scan
-*-]. Real-time protection: new apps are automatically scanned after download and installation

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