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AVG PC Tuneup is an application designed to help you keep the computer in shape by cleaning files that could slow down the operating system and by optimizing some of its settings. AVG PC Tuneup can thus fix registry errors such as file associations, file extensions, help files, history lists, shortcuts and installed software, but also remove junk files and deal with fragmented files.

AVG PC Tuneup works on a reasonable amount of computer resources, although it may eat up your CPU and RAM when trying to solve some of the detected problems.

Get 3 Months FREE AVG PC TuneUp 2013 - Every PC user would like their system to run a little faster, but making that happen yourself usually requires time, effort, and a detailed low-level knowledge of how Windows really works.

Of course there are plenty of PC maintenance suites promising much the same thing, some of which are even available for free. But this isn't just another identikit optimization package. It has real depth, offers genuinely useful advice, and includes tools you won't find elsewhere.

But if that sounds too much like hard work then you could always just install a copy of AVG PC TuneUp 2013, which the authors say can restore "over 50% of speed and free space" on cluttered PCs, while improving "battery life by up to 30 percent", and for the most part without you having to do anything at all.

AVG PC TuneUp 2013 3 Months
images AVG PC TuneUp 2013

  • Restores your PC to top speed
  • Keeps your PC at peak performance
  • Stops freezing and crashing
  • Extends your battery life
  • Frees up valuable disk space
  • Leaves no trace of your most important files
  • Gives you complete performance – automatically
  • Fine tune your computer for even more performance
  • Makes optimization easier

Get 3 Months FREE AVG PC TuneUp 2013

Right now, when you refer friends to AVG and they download FREE AVG PC TuneUp one-time fix, AVG'll give you a PC TuneUp subscription for 3 months –regularly priced at $39.99 for a full year.

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