License key Avast! Antivirus 7 Pro for Windows - 30 day Trial + Discount

License key Avast! Antivirus Pro for Windows - 30 day Trial + Discount is a package of applications that aim to protect your computer from a possible virus infection or other malware threat. Avast! Pro Antivirus is a comprehensive security software that offers powerful protection for your system in order to keep viruses and spyware at bay.  If you use it correctly, and in combination with other programs such as data backup utilities, it will significantly reduce the risk of your computer being attacked or infected by a virus, and thus the risk of losing important or private data. The installation takes a while to complete, but this is only because it is a very important step and you have to pay attention to the things you pick to be copied.

License key Avast! Antivirus Pro Full

Based on the award-winning avast! antivirus engine, avast! antivirus contains all of the features you would expect in a modern antivirus program. It incorporates anti-spyware technology certified by West Coast Labs' Checkmark process, as well as anti-rootkit and strong self-protection capabilities, but now provides even faster scanning with improved detection ability. It contains several real-time "Shields" which continuously monitor your email and internet connections and check the files on your computer whenever they are opened or closed.

--]. Continuous protection against viruses and spyware
--]. Ensures all mails sent and received are clean
--]. Keeps you protected from "chat" infections
--]. Stops attacks from hijacked websites
--]. Lets you safely browse suspicious websites or run unknown applications
--]. Allows safe and uninterrupted gaming

What's New in This Release:

--]. Win8 BSOD fixed (but still investigating some issues)
--]. Crashes, freezes on WinXp 64b fixed
--]. WebRep issues fixed
--]. Sandbox stability improved

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