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Handy Backup Home Standard Free + Offline Installer - Need a very handy backup program, Handy Backup does a good job at backing up your whole computer. Handy Backup can create a full incremental, differential, and mirror backups which you can back up to different types of media from hard drive, online, disk, etc. Gives you an easy to use interface and you’ll be sure that you won’t lose your files if set up properly. If you are moving to Windows 8, Handy Backup works good and no need to worry about compatible with or problems when going to Windows 8.

Handy Backup Home Standard Full Serial

Handy Backup™ Home Standard will back up most important documents and programs on your computer - while you sleep, work, or have fun! With a rich set of features and well-thought user interface, the program is known as one of the best backup software for home and office PCs. More Other Software backup

Variety of Items to Back up
  • Back up files, folders
  • Rich functionality related to email backup:
  • Variety of free plug-ins to back up Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Photoshop and other applications that you’ve tweaked to perfection!
  • Back up pictures, Powerpoint presentations, media files and whatever you want through file filtering
  • Back up websites that you can access via FTP, through the backup from FTP feature
  • Variety of Backup Storage Media
  • Outlook/Outlook Express Backup
  • Windows Mail Backup
  • Mozilla Thunderbird Backup and much more...
  • Backup to various storage devices: HDD, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD, FTP, network drives
  • Backup to external drives (USB, FireWire and Flash backup)
  • Integrated Remote Backup Service
Management and Control Functions
  • Backup verification after burning to optical discs
  • Run as Windows service
  • Email notifications
  • Backup with timestamps
  • Other program to run before/after running the tasks
  • Backup of missed tasks
Easy Data Restore
  • Scheduled restore
  • Selective restoration of individual task items
  • Backups are saved in native formats
Data Synchronization
  • One- and two-direction folder synchronization
  • Synchronization with FTP servers

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Handy Backup Home Standard Offline Installer

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