License Key McAfee AntiVirus Plus Free 30 day Trial + Discount

McAfee AntiVirus Plus Free is all about ease of use. The intuitive and user-friendly interface of the application will display all the information you need within an well-structured window. McAfee AntiVirus Plus instantly detects and blocks viruses and stops web threats before they are downloaded to your PC. Reengineered to be faster than ever before, the software’s innovative design simplifies your security experience while offering you essential protection.

Key Features :

  • Complete Anti-spyware, Anti-virus, and Anti-malware: - Relentless security software scans and blocks dangerous emails, risky web content, and online threats like viruses, spyware, Trojans, and rootkits.
  • Real-time Safeguards: - Cybercriminals are masters of disguise. McAfee Active Protection immediately looks at suspicious material and determines its risk to help keep your computer secure.
  • Two-way Firewall: - Extra layers of Internet security software block bad guys breaking in or sneaking out with your personal information. This traffic cop patrols nonstop to prevent malicious software from gaining access to your PC.
  • Safe Searching and Shopping: - Color-coded icons next to your search results let you know before you click which sites are safe and which may install malicious code, phish for your identity, or send you spam.
  • Fast Start-Up and Scan Times: Helps you enjoy your digital life to the limit surfing, shopping, and socializing with minimal interruptions.
  • Digital Data Shredder: Permanently destroy sensitive files to be sure they cannot be retrieved by other users when you donate, recycle, lend or upgrade your PC.
  • PC Tune-up: Unused applications, cached browser files, and other junk slow down your PC. McAfee QuickClean™ software removes the clutter so your computer can keep up with your digital life.
  • Exclusive Anti-bot Protection: McAfee now blocks stealthy botnet software by denying its attempts to connect your PC to web addresses that belong to crooks. This extra defense helps prevent your computer from sending out your personal information to Internet crime networks.
  • USB and Removable Drive Scan: Portable storage devices can be infected in their travels, spreading malicious code from system to system. McAfee scans and blocks this portable payload of viruses, Trojans, and worms before it can wriggle into your PC and your network.
  • Pre-install Scan: Many people get McAfee protection because they are already infected. To help you salvage your system, McAfee works to remove infections as our software installs.

License Key McAfee AntiVirus Plus Free 30 day Trial + Discount

What's New

  • NEW High-performance scanning engine - We built our next-generation scanning engine to guard your PC from the latest viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits, and other threats, all without seriously compromising battery life or slowing your PC down.
  • ENHANCED Safe searching and shopping -With color-coded icons next to every search result, including popular social networking sites, you’ll know if the site you’re about to visit is safe.
  • ENHANCED Digital data message - including the location of the blocked IP address and what makes the connection unsafe.
  • NEW Home screen: - Our new home screen is built with your fingers in mind. 
  • ENHANCED Security reports: We’ve redesigned the security report to bring you the information you need in visually interesting ways. The new report includes relevant images and links for an easier-to-understan

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