Giveaway EASEUS Todo Backup Home 5.6 Full License + Offline Installer

Giveaway EASEUS Todo Backup Home 5.6 Full License + Offline Installer - EASEUS Todo Backup Home is a full-featured backup solution that can create copies of your for files, partitions, disks or even the whole system and recover them in the event of a system crash or infection. Todo Backup Home is a reliable data backup & system disaster recovery software for home users. It enables users one click to back up system and restore it to the original state when disaster happens and performs comprehensive differential/incremental backup to save time and avoid troubles.

Easeus Todo Backup doesn't do every single backup task: It won't schedule, overwrite previous jobs, or do incremental backups. But for anyone willing to back up and cull backups manually, this program has a lot to recommend it.

EASEUS Todo Backup Home 5.6 Full

Top Benefits

  • Affordable yet Powerful 
  • Easy to Install and Simple to Use
  • Reliable and Secure 
  • Windows 8 Compatible 
  • New! Multiple Languages Supported


  • You can backup whole drives, your whole system, or just specific partitions
  • Doubles as a file-level backup program  has the ability to backup select files and folders, too, in addition to whole partitions/drives/system
  • Has the ability to check the integrity of backup files, to ensure they haven’t been corrupted
  • Ability to split large backup image files into smaller files
  • Allows for exploration/mounting of backup image files, which in turn allows for selective restore of specific files and/or folders
  • Supports Linux-based and WinPE-based bootable rescue CD/DVD/USB drive
  • Notification of backup operations can be provided via email
  • Supports both MBR (up to 2TB in size) and GPT (up to 4TB in size) disks
  • Has the ability to store backups anywhere
  • Supports Volume Shadow Copy Service, so you can backup files even while using your computer
  • able to clone (i.e. copy just data or do sector-by-sector copy) drive or partition to another drive or partition and able to wipe disks or partitions
  • Has a system ‘snapshot’ feature which automatically takes snapshots of your system periodically and allows you to restore whichever snapshot you want 
  • Does a backup mode that specifically backs up just Outlook emails (desktop Outlook client, not Microsoft Exchange)
  • Can do sector-by-sector backup or backup of data only
  • Allows you to compress backup images, and control the amount of compression
  • Can schedule automatic backups
  • Can password protection backups

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Giveaway Get EaseUS Todo Backup Home Full License

EASEUS Todo Backup Home 5.6 Offline Installer

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