Adguard Web Filter 5.5 Free Offline Installer

Adguard Web Filter 5.5.500.2934 Offline Installer is a lightweight but powerful ads and popup blocking utility. Adguard Web Filter works with all installed browsers and protects you against advertisements, speeds up pages loading and reduces bandwidth usage. Adguard Web Filter provides you with the tools to make the most of your web surfing by removing those irritating ads, thus decreasing loading times and redirecting that saved up traffic for more important web content. It goes beyond blocking ordinary ads by also intercepting video, rich media or non-standard ad varieties.

Adguard Web Filter 5.5 Free Offline Installer + License

Adguard Web Filter features a Basic interface as well as an Extended version for advanced users. The main two sections consist of the Protection module and the Settings zone. You can easily turn the overall protection on and off. Furthermore, the Ad Blocker and the Browsing Security can be individually enabled or disabled and their statistics reset.

Key features :

  • Adguard removes annoying ads, reduces the page loading time and saves your traffic.
  • It works with all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.
  • It blocks video ads, rich media and other non-standard types of ads. Prevents tracking by ad networks and counters.
  • Adguard starts working right after installation, requires no additional preconfiguration and is regularly updated.
  • Problem with no filtration of some ports
  • Opera Link problem
  • Some problems with flash games
  • Maxthon favourites synchronization problem
  • Conflict with ESET ssl filtration
  • Errors with HTTPS websites in Opera browser
  • Problem with Opera''s periodical slowdown
  • Errors that occurred while loading some pages
  • Some minor fixes

Download Page :

Adguard Web Filter 5.5 Free Offline Installer

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